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Stable carrier, stable growth: Why Aflac’s financial strength can help your bottom line

When you work with a carrier, you care about competitive rates, solid products and appealing commission structures. But none of that can happen without a sound business foundation, one rooted in ethics, clarity and security.

Similarly, your clients probably aren’t thinking about things like financial security when you’re working with them to find the best benefits solution for their business. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s the bedrock of your relationship.

Financial stability fuels innovation at Aflac

When we acquired Zurich North America’s U.S. Corporate Life and Pensions business in 2020, we did so with internal funding instead of turning to external creditors.1 It’s a part of our buy-to-build strategy that ensures our capital goes right back into the business. (Which isn’t to say our shareholders are left out to dry—2020 marked our 38th consecutive year of dividend increases.2) Buy-to-build is also how we were able to start offering dental and vision insurance,2 a critical addition that helps give your clients a broader range of Aflac insurance plans. We are evolving to become a true group carrier that can meet the changing needs of the group insurance market.

“Stable” doesn’t have to mean “staid.” In fact, we think it means excellence: your excellence.

Internal financing translates to lower costs for everyone, including your clients. Since we’re not paying loan interest fees to acquire services like those offered by Zurich, we don’t have to pass along that cost. In 2020, the insurance industry was hit hard3 by COVID-19. But we didn’t have to panic; instead, we focused on developing products that would help people better navigate the pandemic.

In other words, our financial strength means that we’re able to move forward instead of looking over our shoulder at every turn. It’s a part of the new line of thinking4 about the connection between stability and innovation. Instead of viewing stability as something that tamps down new approaches and creative problem-solving, we view it as a form of security that allows us to make smart choices.

Why our financial strength helps you

When a company is in a precarious position, its service becomes precarious, too. Offerings that workers depend on can vanish; consumer support can become frustrating. As a broker, your reputation is on the line, too—and you’d never intentionally walk them into a situation that may give them whiplash.

We’ve done brokers better than simply staying stable—we’ve made new acquisitions and offer new products that allow you to go to your clients with more robust offerings. That shows up in the other things brokers told us they care about, such as competitive products and strong service.

“Stable” doesn’t have to mean “staid.” In fact, we think it means excellence: your excellence, supporting you in giving your clients what they need.