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Don’t let unexpected expenses dampen the holiday spirit

The holiday season is a festive time. But it can become a lot less joyous if you’re hit with an unexpected medical expense. Holiday mishaps can be as common as they are costly, and they could be an obstacle your clients’ employees can’t easily overcome. With products to help cover the expected – and unexpected – that’s sure to come life’s way, Aflac can help keep employees’ spirits from falling during the holiday season.

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Decorating injuries per day during the holiday season.1

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Increase in car accidents on Black Friday.2

veterinarian icon


Potential veterinarian bill after a pet eats wrapping paper.3

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3x more

cooking-related fires on Thanksgiving than the average for any other day of the year.4

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Take care when carving

Turkey carving is the cause of one of the five most common injuries on Thanksgiving.5

Aflac can’t protect employees from every holiday disaster, but we can help safeguard their holiday spirit – and their finances. Contact your Aflac representative to learn more.