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COVID-19 has changed the benefits employees want most

In addition to changing almost everything about U.S. workplaces, COVID-19 has changed what employees value in their benefits. Many employers are accommodating these new employee benefits needs. Are your clients keeping up with demand?

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41% of workers are extremely or moderately concerned about their medical costs during the pandemic.1

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53% of adults say their mental health has been negatively impacted.2

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53% of workers plan to make changes to their benefits coverage.3

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91% of Aflac policyholders say they are more glad than ever to have Aflac.3

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63% of employees expect at least one expanded benefit at work as a result of the pandemic.4

Employers are enhancing their benefits in these areas5

  • 47% - Health care
  • 45% - Well-being programs
  • 38% - Sick leave
  • 26% - Caregiving benefits
  • 12% - Supplemental insurance

What's coming next for employers

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83% will offer or expand flexible work schedules.6

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51% will provide manager training to recognize signs of poor mental health.7

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22% are offering financial support.8

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47% will give time off or flexible scheduling to provide dependent care.8

Talk with your broker sales professional to learn how Aflac can help you meet your clients’ employee benefit needs.