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Small-brokerage business trends

Now that health care reform is a reality and not just a series of changes looming on the horizon, participants in the Aflac WorkForces Report survey – brokers, employers and workers – are showing a sense of relief. Many small brokers are feeling positive: Forty-two percent completely or strongly agree they are confident about the future of their firms and the insurance industry. However, they’re not certain that health care reform will open doors: Just 24 percent completely or strongly agree that reform presents opportunities for their businesses, which is lower than brokers at medium firms (43 percent) and large firms (49 percent).

At a glance

The Aflac WorkForces Report gathered the opinions of 67 brokers at small brokerages, which are defined as those that sell primarily in only one state.

The three top-selling voluntary insurance products at small brokerages, in order, are:

  1. Dental insurance.
  2. Short-term disability insurance.
  3. Term life insurance.
  • Group policies written on fewer than 100 lives: 44 percent
  • Group policies written on 100 or more lives: 15 percent
  • Individual policies: 41 percent

Additional Findings:

About the Study

The 2015 Aflac WorkForces Report was conducted by Research Now on behalf of Aflac.

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