Our branding includes consistent typefaces that should be used on all Aflac communications. These are the correct weights for headlines, subheads and body copy:

Headlines, subheads and call-outs
Proxima Nova Bold

Use sentence case for headlines and call-outs.

Proxima Nova Light

Use sentence case for headlines and call-outs.

Body Copy
Helvetica Neue 75 Bold

Use sentence case for call-outs within body copy.

Helvetica Neue 45 Light

Use sentence case for body copy.

Helvetica Neue 45 Light Italic

Use sentence case to emphasize words in body copy.

Helvetica Neue 45 Light Condensed

Use sentence case for limited space and disclaimers.

Digital, desktop publishing, PowerPoint and internal documents
If you can’t use Proxima Nova or Helvetica Neue, choose Arial.
Arial Bold

Use for headlines.

Arial Regular

Use for body copy.

Registration marks

When you’re setting text, make registration (®) and trademark (™) symbols a little smaller than half the
X‐height of the word. Using baseline shift, align the top of the symbol with the tallest letter in the word. Finally, use kerning to position the symbol horizontally.


Widows are words or phrases at the beginning or the end of a paragraph that are separated from the rest of the text. When widows appear, soft return the next word or adjust the tracking.

Ragged right

"Ragged" refers to uneven, vertical margins of text blocks. This typically happens on the right margin when using the flush left or rag right setting. However, either or both margins can be ragged. When setting type with a ragged margin, pay attention to the shape that the ragged line endings make. Use kerning to align the text.

Color Palette

Focused and crisp Our master color palette is fresh, simple and reflects the honest, clear way we speak. White space reinforces that our brand is modern, direct and straightforward.

Note that these colors print best on matte-coated paper. If matte paper stock is unavailable, use your printer to match the Pantone® matte-coated chips.

White Space Minimum 70%
Blue Primary Accent
Gray Secondary Accent
Orange Secondary Accent
BluePrimary Accent

PRINT PMS 639 100c 5m 5y 0k

SCREEN 1r 167g 225b html: 01A7E1

GraySecondary Accent

PRINT PMS Cool Gray 10 38c 29m 20y 58k

SCREEN 125r 125g 125b html: 7D7D7D

OrangeSecondary Accent

PRINT PMS 144 0c 50m 85y 0k

SCREEN 248r 151g 40b html: F89728

For Alerts Only

PRINT PMS 186 0c 100m 75y 4k

SCREEN 196r 18g 0b html: C41200


Our color palette pairs with white space for visually interesting, sophisticated communication.

Primary color: blue
Secondary colors: gray and orange

These are the only colors approved for Aflac brand communications. If additional colors are needed, use options from the support palette.