Welcome to the resources page, a one-stop shop for additional tools and information to better help our selling partners. Below you’ll be able to download brand guidelines and logos, gain access to our templates, learn best practices for crafting internal and external communications and more.

Brand Guidelines



Stationery is one of our most common forms of communication, and often the first point of contact. Because of this, consistency across materials is crucial to brand credibility and recognition.

How can you ensure consistency on stationery? Access the templates here on Field Force Services, only order stationery from approved vendors and never recreate your own materials.

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When writing Aflac-branded letters, always use an approachable, warm tone. To personalize your letter, customize the messaging to the recipient. After all, policyholders have different needs and goals than business decision-makers.

To get started, follow these steps:
  1. Write a personal greeting
  2. Quickly state the reason for the letter
  3. Focus on relevant brand values
  4. Thank the recipient for their business
  5. Create a clear call-to-action
  6. Include your name, title and signature
  7. If appropriate, include a testimonial
  8. Incorporate the Aflac Duck and brand colors
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Just like all branded materials, Aflac presentations should be consistent and follow the approved templates found here on Field Force Services.

To create professional presentations, follow these guidelines:
  1. Use the Aflac color palette
  2. Use the Arial typeface
  3. Limit the amount of words on each slide
  4. Use subtle, professional transitions and animations
  5. Use high-resolution and quality images
  6. Leave plenty of white space on each slide
  7. Limit the number of slides
  8. Ensure the Compliance Standard is met
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People receive countless emails every day. Not only do Aflac-branded emails need to cut through that clutter, they need to be actionable, credible and easily understood. Here are some tips to help you stand out in a crowded inbox.

What goes into an Aflac email?
  1. A direct, A/B-tested subject line
  2. An email pre-header with a brief description
  3. A relevant, high-resolution header image
  4. Concise, to-the-point body copy
  5. A call-to-action that drives to
  6. A footer with disclaimers, an unsubscribe link and compliance info
What should you consider before emailing?
  1. How many emails are sent
  2. The amount of time between each email
  3. Time of day (research shows peak times between Tuesday and Thursday from  10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)
Before sending an email, complete this checklist:
  1. All links have been tested
  2. The Aflac logo is unaltered (no cropping, color changes, etc.)
  3. Any colors used belong to the Aflac color palette
  4. All fonts are hierarchal uses of Proxima Nova
  5. Any imagery used is clean, inviting and friendly
  6. All legally required info is found in the email footer

Important legal information:
The CAN-SPAM Act prohibits misleading subject lines and information. It also requires you to identify messages as ads, tell recipients where you are located and make opting out of emails simple and quick. Every violation of this act is subject to penalty. Contact Aflac Legal with any questions.


Apparel and promotional items leave a lasting impression of our brand. To build credibility, trust, and awareness, all items should meet brand and compliance standards and should always be approved by executive management before they’re created. Remember to reference our wearables guidelines on the employee portal or go to Duck Gear for official Aflac merchandise. If you are unsure about which brand mark to use, contact your partner in the Aflac Studio for guidance.

When placing the Aflac logo on apparel or promotional items, keep it simple. Always follow the logo and identity use rules, and only use approved assets.

The Aflac logo should be placed above the left chest, on center of the back or on the sleeve. Review the logo space and size requirements for correct placement.

The Aflac logo should appear on the front, side or back of a cap. Center the logo between two seams, never on top of the seams.

When adding the Aflac logo to socks and stockings, make sure you can see it with any shoe. Place the logo at least mid-shin-level or above— around the top of an ankle boot.

Apparel Color
Before you choose fabrics or colors, please consider when and where the apparel will be worn.

If featured on apparel in addition to the Aflac logo, the Aflac Duck should only be represented in the approved Aflac color palette.


Keep a quick-read version of these guidelines and branded assets handy for easy reference. Download a PDF of these resources as well as approved logos and Aflac Duck images below.

Download Aflac Brand Guidelines Download Aflac Logo Set Download Aflac Duck Assets