2022 Employee
Benefits Guide

Your employee benefits elections may be one of the most important decisions you’ll make this year. That’s why Aflac provides you with the employee benefits guide online. The guide is a valuable source of information and resources to help you determine the best benefit options for you and your family.

For your convenience and the convenience of your family members, you may access the benefits guide from home or on a personal mobile device 24/7/365 by returning to this website. You’re welcome to return here anytime throughout the year to review your benefits or access contact information for one of our benefit providers. Remember, changes to your benefits can only be made during open enrollment unless you experience a qualifying life event. New employees will make benefits selections during the onboarding process.

If you have questions that need a more detailed explanation than you can find in the guide, log on to the Benefits community on the company portal from work or from home (if you have VPN access). Go to my.Aflac.com, select the Employee Services tab and click Benefits. You may also contact the Employee Benefits team at 706-317-0770 or HRBenefits@aflac.com.