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Ashley R3

Ashley’s Story with Pediatric Cancer

Brian A4

A South Dakota School’s Aflac Story

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Maylin's Story

"Hello. My name is Maylin Gonzalez. When I was 15 years old, I had my first episode of an aneurysm, and two years later, another was not as severe. I married and moved to the United States. In 2006 another aneurysm episode kept me at the hospital for over five weeks. The stress caused by the covid pandemic affected some of my in-laws, and some died; I suffered another aneurysm on April 4 of 2021. My husband took me to ER in Northside Hospital in Lawrenceville. It was challenging because I do not speak English, and my husband could not be with me due to hospital regulations. I was airlifted to Emory University hospital because my health situation was critical. I spent six days in the hospital, and fortunately, I am doing my regular activities, but the hospital bills began to come by mail; we hoped our primary insurance would cover most of them, but our terrible surprise was the airlift service by helicopter bill, indicating that they are out-of-network. We have to pay the entire account, $43,288.00. A few days later, insurance paid $7,0911.00, leaving us a balance on the bill for $36,196.89. This large bill has put a lot of stress on our finances. My husband consulted a lawyer to see what options could be available for us, even bankruptcy, but this could cause us to lose our home because there is no way we can pay that large bill after all other medical expenses. We are negotiating with the airlift company but are not sure how they are willing to help us. If we get a grant that helps to ease the balance with them, we can probably be in a better position to negotiate with them and agree to pay a reduced part of the bill."

Britney's Story

"On July 23, 2021 I was diagnosed with stage three triple negative breast cancer. I am in active treatment. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy every 3 weeks. I will also have surgery next month November 2021 and radiation. I have a husband and 4 children ages 2, 6, 8, and 11. This has devastated my family and 4 children. They don’t completely understand my illness they just know I don’t feel well, and I’ve lost weight and all of my hair. It has become so hard to pay bills and take care of my family. My income has been significantly been reduced and I’m always fatigued and struggle to pay my utility and medical bills. My diagnostic testing and doctor bills alone are already at $7,000. $5,000 would definitely help me pay down my medical bills and afford my medications that I need in between treatments. It would also put food in my home."

Joe's Story

"I was a newlywed, lucky enough to marry the woman of my dreams then 4 months into our marriage then on 11/11/2018 my life took a very unexpected turn. My wife, Amanda, and our oldest son, Jaiden, and I were in TX for a family wedding. The day after the wedding we were relaxing when I became unsteady and was unable to talk, I was experiencing a seizure. I was transported to a local hospital and on the way, I had a second seizure, this time a grand maul, that’s how I found out I had Glioblastoma, which was revealed after numerous appointments, MRIs, and a 10-hour surgery. The day before my surgery at 4:30 PM, which was approved by my insurance company I was notified that the imaging required to see my tumor during surgery would not be covered, essentially forcing my Dr to cut a tumor in my brain without the required tools. Due to the severity of my condition and the risk of waiting we chose to move forward with the surgery despite the potential cost we learned about in the 11th hour. I am here today because my Dr was able to perform my craniotomy before I lost more to this rapidly replicating cancer. After the dust settled my medical bills grew to over $330 thousand dollars. Although my surgery was a success, I am still here, I have significant deficits as a result of the surgery and removal of a lemon sized brain tumor that left me unable to work, as a result I am now on disability with a family of 7 I am no longer able to support. My wonderful wife is now left to make ends meet. Any assistance reducing my medical debt would help reduce the stress this terrible disease."

Appalachian Regional Healthcare

Aflac awarded its first community CareGrant to Appalachian Regional Healthcare for its community-focused mission, wide range of relevant services and outreach and accessibility programs, including its patient assistance fund, and ongoing Community Health Needs Assessment report.

Appalachian Regional Healthcare will use its CareGrant to help reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Harlan County by increasing access to disease education and appropriate screening and maintenance tools.

Aflac also unveiled the first Aflac Park Bench in Dressen Park in Harlan, Kentucky, as a representation of the commitments Aflac is making to education, support, and advocacy to help close the gap.

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