What is short term disability insurance?

A physician-documented disability often results in a loss of income. Our short term disability insurance pays benefits (i.e., a monthly amount that is a percentage of your gross income) for a period of time while you are disabled. Your agent will help you select the right amount of disability insurance benefits for your needs, as well as the length of time they are payable.

You should choose a level of disability insurance coverage that best meets your needs for:

  • The price you feel you can afford
  • Your income requirements
  • The amount of monthly benefits you'll want
  • The period of time you want benefits to last
  • The number of days before coverage kicks in
  • Optional riders

Aflac short term disability insurance is only available through worksite payroll deduction.

Who should think about short-term disability insurance?

Who should think about short term disability insurance?

Anyone who wants to protect their standard of living needs to consider the benefits of short term disability insurance. Disabilities ranging from serious accidents to serious illnesses don't have to result in financial hardship.


Why do I need short term disability insurance?

Can you ever be sure that you won’t experience a short-term disability? In the case of illness or injury, a short-term disability insurance policy helps you maintain your standard of living and helps pay your bills.

Did you know?

Did you know?

  • One out of every four Americans entering the workforce today will become disabled before they retire.*
  • Over 95 percent of disabilities aren’t work-related and therefore don’t qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.*
  • About 100 million American workers are not protected by private disability income insurance.*

* "CDA 2011 Consumer Disability Awareness Study," Council for Disability Awareness, 2011.


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