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About the Real Cost Tool

Aflac’s Real Cost Calculator is an innovative tool to help users understand the real costs associated with illnesses or injuries. These costs include:

  • Expenses not covered by major medical, such as deductibles and co-pays
  • Out-of-pocket costs for things like transportation to follow-up medical appointments, as well as
  • Every day household expenses (such as rent/mortgage, utilities and car payments) that continue even if you are sick and out of work, not earning a paycheck.

The Calculator incorporates data from numerous public sources (including public health, healthcare providers, and voluntary health organizations) to show the average costs of a variety of medical conditions.

The data presented in this tool is for illustrative purposes only. The Aflac policy payout values are averages; and are not guarantees of an amount to be paid for the listed conditions. Aflac payout data shown is based on historical claims over a 10-year period, across all product plans in force at the time. The values represent the average amount of claims paid to a policyholder with the condition over the timeframe (2000-2010). Aflac policies are not available in all states and may vary by state and plan level. Benefits payable are determined at time of claim.

The information provided in the Real Cost Calculator tool is illustrative only. The Aflac payout values do not guarantee an amount to be paid for the listed conditions. Plans may not be available in all states, and benefits may vary by state, coverage, and plan level selected. Benefits are payable at the time a claim is processed.

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