What is hospital intensive care insurance?

A hospital intensive care insurance policy provides cash benefits for accidents or illnesses that result in an admission to a hospital intensive care unit. With Aflac, these cash benefits are paid directly to you, unless you instruct us to direct them elsewhere, no matter what other insurance you have. The hospital ICU insurance policy has a straightforward benefit design that complements your major medical or limited benefit health insurance plans.

Aflac hospital intensive care insurance advantages include:

  • Initial cash benefit for first seven days in the ICU, with an increased benefit for the next eight days
  • Progressive benefit that build over time
  • We process claims quickly – usually in about four business days
  • Ambulance benefit
  • Major human organ transplant benefit
  • No deductibles 
Who should think about hospital intensive care insurance?

Who should think about hospital intensive care insurance?

The cost of one day in an intensive care unit is four times that of a regular day in the hospital. Aflac hospital intensive care insurance can pay you cash benefits when you or a covered family member suffers an accident, trauma, cardiac event, stroke or other serious condition that results in a stay in an ICU.


Why do I need hospital intensive care insurance?

Every year, millions of people are admitted to intensive care units after events such as major surgery, head trauma, respiratory ailments, burns, strokes or heart attacks, to name just a few. If you're admitted to an ICU, you'll find that bills pile up quickly. Benefits from a hospital intensive care insurance policy can help with many expenses, including pharmacy supplies, nursing services, medical equipment and daily household needs.

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