What is hospital confinement sickness indemnity insurance?

Our Hospital Confinement Sickness Indemnity insurance policies help ease the financial burden of hospital stays due to illness by providing you with cash benefits.  While the primary benefits of the policy pay for hospital care, there's also a physician visit feature for those times when you're sick, have an accident, or just need a routine exam.

Some of the policy benefits include:

  • Hospital confinement
  • Major diagnostic exams
  • Surgery 
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Different levels of coverage to suit your needs and budget
  • No precertification or network requirements 
Who should think about hospital confinement sickness insurance?

Who should think about hospital confinement sickness indemnity insurance?

Anyone concerned about illness-related hospital costs should consider applying for Aflac's hospital confinement sickness indemnity insurance. If you're hospitalized due to illness, you'll probably have a hospital deductible to meet, as well as such expenses as copayments, diagnostic procedures and doctor visits. Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you, unless directed otherwise, and you can use the cash when you need it and where you need it. We pay. You decide.


Why do I need hospital confinement sickness indemnity insurance?

You might think of the hospital as a place to go if you have an accident, but the truth is that the majority of hospital stays are due to sickness. Just a few days in the hospital for routine illness can be expensive. Our hospital confinement sickness indemnity insurance policies can help protect you in case of a hospitalization due to sickness.
Did you know?

The majority of hospital emergency department visits are sickness-related.*

According to the American Hospital Association, the average hospital expense, adjusted per inpatient stay, was $9,788.25.**

In 2008, over 27 million surgeries were performed at hospitals in the United States. Of those surgeries, 37 were performed on an inpatient basis, while 63% were performed on an outpatient basis.**

*Injury Facts, 2011 Edition, National Safety Council.
**Hospital Statistics© 2010 Edition, Health Forum LLC, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association.


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