What is hospital confinement indemnity insurance?

No matter how good your major medical insurance is, when you're hospitalized for an injury or illness there will probably be medical expenses and out of pocket costs that aren’t covered. A hospital confinement indemnity insurance policy provides cash benefits to use as you see fit. The hospitalization benefits are predetermined and paid regardless of any other insurance you have, and you have a choice of applying for basic to more robust supplemental hospitalization insurance. Whether you want a hospital indemnity plan that provides hospitalization benefits only, or one that also addresses diagnostic procedures, outpatient surgery and ambulance transportation, Aflac can help.

Some Aflac hospital confinement indemnity insurance advantages:

  • Increased benefit amount for the first five days of hospitalization per calendar year
  • HSA compatible policies are available 
  • We don't use networks, so you can be treated at the hospital of your choice
  • No deductibles
  • No precertification
  • You own your policy, so even if you change jobs or retire, you can take it with you.


Who should think about hospital confinement indemnity insurance?

Who should think about hospital confinement indemnity insurance?

Anyone concerned about hospital costs should think about hospital confinement indemnity insurance! You probably have a separate deductible and coinsurance with your major medical insurance that must be met before hospital benefits kick in. And those benefits will typically be paid to the hospital – not to you. Use Aflac's cash benefits as you need them. We pay. You decide.


Why do I need hospital confinement indemnity insurance?

Concerned about the cost of hospitalization? Rightly so—a hospital stay, even a short one, can be very expensive. Even with the best major medical insurance, your entire hospital bill probably won't be covered. And what about things health insurance was never intended to cover, like transportation and meals for family members, help with child care or time away from work? Often it's those unexpected expenses that add up quickly and force you to dip into your savings or borrow. A hospital confinement indemnity insurance policy is designed to provide you with cash benefits during a covered hospitalization.

Did you know?

Did you know?

According to the American Hospital Association, the average hospital expense, adjusted per inpatient stay, was $9,788.25.*

In 2008, over 27 million surgeries were performed at hospitals in the United States. Of those surgeries, 37 were performed on an inpatient basis, while 63% were performed on an outpatient basis.*

*Hospital Statistics© 2010 Edition, Health Forum LLC, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association.


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