No Network Restrictions
Aflac individual dental insurance lets you choose any dentist, without any network restrictions. You can even stay with your current dentist under an Aflac plan.
No Deductibles
Unlike most dental insurance providers, Aflac doesn’t require you to meet an out-of-pocket deductible for the year. Instead, after applicable waiting periods, we pay benefits starting with the first treatment.
Competitive Rates
Aflac dental insurance outlines specific benefit amounts for both wellness and other diagnostic and treatment services. We even pay benefits for common procedures like regular checkups, cleanings and X-rays.
Rate Stability
Aflac has a history of rate stability, and your rates will never increase based on external factors such as how many people utilize their insurance or group demographics.
Regular trips to the dentist are essential for good oral health.
But maintaining great care can often require more costs than regular insurance will pay for, including X-rays, sealants, and emergency evaluations.

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