Consumer-Driven Health Care

Insights on how the changing health care landscape impacts workers.

While businesses are embracing cost-friendly consumer-driven health care models, workers reveal they may not be ready to effectively assume responsibility for their health care decisions. Helping workers learn how to effectively manage their health care choices presents an opportunity for employers to demonstrate they care about their employees, which can help to stem absenteeism, and improve worker morale and productivity.

The Uphill Road to CDHC

A consumer-driven health care model gives consumers the primary decision-making role regarding the health care they receive. Are workers prepared to effectively make the best choices?

Survey Findings: HCR

As health care reform regulations go into effect, workers have more choices than ever and businesses have many complex strategies to manage.

Why Supplemental Matters

Supplemental insurance helps ease the burden of rising out-of-pocket costs, and helps provide a safety net in the event of an illness or injury.

Worker's 4 HCR Concerns

As workers have become more responsible for their health care decisions, research shows that the wrong choices can greatly affect their performance and state of mind in the workplace.

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Aflac lets you make robust benefits options available, while helping to protect your budget. Even with health care reform, Aflac continues to be the right choice for your workforce.

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Aflac Hospital Advantage

Heath Care Reform doesn't cover every hospital expense. Learn how we help fill in the blanks.

Real Cost Calculator

Uncover the real cost of an illness or injury, even if you have major medical insurance.