Leadership and Analyst Program

By participating in Leadership and Analyst Program (LeAP), Aflac identifies and recruits the high-caliber and caring people who share our mission of helping our customers focus on getting their lives back to normal following an unexpected illness or injury.

Our LeAP analysts experience a two-year rotation through the division of their career interest and benefit from mentorship, leadership-building courses, and unmatched work experience. At the same time, Aflac benefits from their fresh ideas and real-world entrepreneurial experiences.

Whether in Aflac's home office or in the field, we know that LeAP alumni possess the mindset and skills necessary to succeed in the challenging corporate environment of one of America's leading companies.

As you consider the many options you face during this new phase of your life, we hope you regard Aflac as the right place to start a rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling career.

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