Commuter Spending
Aflac WINGSPAN Commuter Spending Accounts

Employers today are looking for new ways to improve employee benefit plans with little cost to their business. With Aflac WINGSPANSM commuter spending accounts, provided by WageWorks®, you can provide tax-free commuter benefits to your employees that can potentially save money for both of you!

Improve Employer-Employee Relationships

Today’s employees want and expect fringe benefits, and a good commuter benefit program can help do the following:

  • Attract New Employees
  • Prevent Employee Turnover
  • Maintain High Employee Morale

How it Works

With Aflac WINGSPAN SM commuter spending accounts, you can help your employees save tax dollars on the transit and parking expenses they incur going to and from work.

Your employees simply set aside a pre-tax portion of their paycheck to pay for transit expenses. This means they lower their taxable income, increase their take-home pay, and potentially save your business money on payroll taxes.

Covered Transportation

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Subway
  • Ferry
  • Parking (near or at work)

To learn more about the Aflac WINGSPANSM commuter spending account program, call WageWorks at 1-888-342-3532.