Group accident insurance will help pay cash benefits to employees when unexpected medical and everyday expenses begin to add up after a covered accident.

Highlights include:

  • More than 50 events that trigger benefits payments, including fractures, dislocations, medical fees, hospital admission, ambulance transportation, and physical therapy, among others.
  • Benefits payable for hospital, wellness, ambulance, and physical therapy.
  • Accidental-death and -dismemberment coverage.
  • Guaranteed- issue coverage with no underwriting required to qualify for coverage.
  • Portable coverage that allows employees to retain coverage at the same rate if their employment status changes (with certain stipulations).

Group accident insurance is also available with optional sickness and catastrophic accident riders.

Employees may not have considered some of the expenses that add up after a covered accident—not to mention the everyday bills that continue to arrive—such as mortgage or rent, car payments, and utility bills. Cash benefits can help them maintain their everyday lives after a covered accident.

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