Take the guesswork out of health care communications

Aflac Employee Communications Toolkit

We’ve done the work for you: The Aflac Employee Communications Toolkit gives you – and your workers – the resources and information needed to make informed decisions.

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How well do you know your employees?

Test your knowledge!

Each year, we ask thousands of employees to share their opinions and observations about healthcare costs, financial concerns, health insurance and their employee benefits. Find out whether you’re in tune or tone deaf.

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Hire and retain the best and brightest employees

The surprising key to luring top workers

Employees are eyeing the exits, but you can keep your best and attract the rest. Check out our tried-and-true tips for avoiding turnover turmoil.

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Offer Aflac

Aflac lets you make robust benefits options available, while helping to protect your budget. Even with health care reform, Aflac continues to be the right choice for your workforce.

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Aflac Hospital Advantage

Heath Care Reform doesn't cover every hospital expense. Learn how we help fill in the blanks.

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