An invoice-ready email notification will be sent to all authorized users each time an invoice is ready to be reconciled and paid. The email will contain a link that will enable you to quickly log in to Aflac's Business Services/Online Billing to review, reconcile, and if you prefer, pay your invoice online. To ensure that you receive all email correspondence from our new system, please add the following email address to your secure/approved list:
Online Billing enables you to reconcile (submit changes) to your invoice electronically. With Online Billing, you will be able to quickly review all of your employees’/members’ policy details on the invoice, including policy type, coverage type, department, employee/member number, employee/member name, remarks, policy premium, and premium subtotal. Online Billing also provides you with the ability to adjust the amount you will be remitting and to indicate specific change requests (e.g., Cancel Coverage, Deceased, Family Medical Leave, Missed Deduction, Unknown Insured-Remove, Other, Retired, No Longer Employed Here, and Transfer To Another Account) for your employees/members. With Online Billing, you also have the ability to view pending applications and to add missing deductions when necessary. Any changes that you make via Online Billing will automatically be carried over to any outstanding invoices that you may have, eliminating the need to key information multiple times.
Yes. Online Billing customers have the option of paying their invoices electronically by securely storing their bank account and routing numbers within the system or by selecting the one-time electronic payment option for each notice. Important Note: Even if your bank account information is securely stored, Aflac will not automatically draft your bank account. You must initiate each payment, regardless of how you choose to pay. You can, however, use the Payment Scheduler to reconcile your invoices early and pick a draft date up to five business days past the invoice due date for your payment to be drafted.
Online payment speeds up the reconciliation process, ensuring that invoices stay up to date.
You can schedule your payment for a future date. When you pay your invoice, select the check box under Select Payment Date and then choose your date. As an added bonus of using the Payment Scheduler, you are allowed to reconcile your invoices early and pick a draft date up to five business days past the invoice due date for your payment to be drafted.
No. This feature has been added to make doing business with Aflac easier.
Once you click the Submit button, you cannot make changes to your invoice. If you are paying by paper check, simply include a copy of your invoice with your payment to inform us of any adjustments that need to be made, and adjust the amount of your check accordingly. If you paid by draft or scheduled draft, we are unable to stop the draft. You will need to send a written request for a refund to Aflac at 1932 Wynnton Road, Columbus, GA 31999 or fax your request to us at 800-448-8922.
Yes. This feature can only be used if you reconcile and pay your invoice online by entering your bank draft information.
No. Using the Payment Scheduler feature is up to you.
You can print a copy of your invoice from the Invoices link within the My Accounts section of Business Services. Click the Show All Invoices button. Identify the invoice that you would like to print and then select View. Click on the Printer icon to print the invoice. If the invoice has not yet been submitted for payment, you will need to click Pay next to the appropriate invoice, and then select View Printable Invoice from the Invoice Detail screen. Then click on the Printer icon to print your invoice.
Yes. Online Billing customers have the option of paying by check. However, changes cannot be fully processed until payment is received; therefore, online payment is recommended. If you choose to send payment via paper check, a remittance stub must be printed from the system and submitted with the payment.

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