Getting Started
An authorized user is the person or persons who have been granted permission to view and update your Aflac account and policyholder (employee/member) information within Business Services. All authorized users must complete the one-time registration process before they can access or use Business Services/Online Billing. The following is a summary of the roles a user can be assigned:
  • Administrator – An administrator has full control of the account and can update the account's billing and contact information, view and/or reconcile invoices, edit policyholder information, and manage the users who have access to Business Services. Administrators can also submit invoice payments.
  • Account Clerk – An account clerk has the ability to do everything an administrator can do with the exception of managing user roles (e.g., adding/changing/removing users).
  • Third-Party Administrator (TPA) – A third-party administrator or TPA has limited access to Business Services. TPAs have the ability to view account information, reconcile invoices, and submit invoice payments.
Online Billing is a feature within Business Services that enables you to reconcile (submit changes to) your Aflac invoice online. Online Billing also provides you with the option of paying your invoice by entering your banking information.
Business Services is available to all Aflac accounts and provides the fastest and most convenient way of administering Aflac account and policyholder (employee/member) information. The Online Billing feature is available to new Aflac accounts with fewer than 1,000 employees and/or existing Aflac accounts (currently receiving paper invoices) with fewer than 500 policy lines billed.
Express Reconciliation is another automated billing and reconciliation option for accounts that are too large for Online Billing (typically new accounts with more than 1,000 employees and/or existing accounts with more than 500 policy lines billed). To learn more about the Express Reconciliation option, contact your agent or contact us directly at
If you are a new Aflac account with fewer than 1,000 employees and you provided your email address on the Payroll Account Acknowledgment form you completed with your agent, you will automatically have the Online Billing feature activated. Existing accounts with fewer than 500 policy lines billed can choose to activate the Online Billing feature within Online Services by selecting the Activate Online Billing button located on that account's page. Existing accounts will first need to register for Business Services before they will be able log in and activate Online Billing.
  • Click the “My Accounts” tab
  • Then, click on the Account Settings tab.
  • In the left navigation column, click on “Billing Details.”
  • “Online Billing” will appear if this feature is already activated.

If you are not registered for Online Billing, an Activate button will be there instead. In addition, you will only be able to reconcile your invoices online if the Online Billing feature is activated. If you are not registered for Online Billing, you will be able to view and print your invoice, but you will not be able to reconcile your invoice online.

For optimal system performance, we request that you turn off your pop-up blocker when using Business Services/Online Billing. To turn off your pop-up blocker, please access your account online and follow these steps: Click on Tools > Internet Options.
Yes, you can save as a bookmark to log into the system.
Business Services is compatible with Firefox on a Mac. For the Online Billing PDF window to work properly, you must install the Firefox Adobe Plug-In. Otherwise, the PDF is opened in a separate Preview window, and the "Please wait ..." window will remain open. Both Firefox and the Firefox Adobe Plug-In are free downloads at
If you have questions or need assistance with Business Services/Online Billing, contact us via email at or call us toll-free at 1-800-99-AFLAC (1- 800-992-3522).

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