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Aflac Statement

Contact Aflac's Customer Service Center at 1.800.99.AFLAC (1.800.992.3522) to review your account information. Please let us know if your account information needs to be corrected.
Often, the next month's statement has been prepared before we receive your requested changes. The changes will appear on your statement after we receive your request and payment.
For Business Services users, removing an employee is done within the invoice online or within the employee’s profile. Log in to Business Services to access this information.

For paper billing users, the codes at the bottom of the Aflac Statement are used to remove an employee. The codes indicate different reasons for the removal (e.g., T- Terminated, D- Deceased, R - Retired). Draw a line through the policy and policyholder's name to be removed, and place the appropriate code in the adjacent CR column.

In addition to making your changes on the statement, you may also fax your request directly to us at 1.706.660.7177.

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