About Business Services
About Business Services

Take some of the hassle out of benefits Administration with Aflac Business Services, a Web service that makes managing your account easy.

With Aflac Business Services, you can:
  1. View your payroll deduction summary
  2. Take advantage of online billing
  3. Review, print, and save electronic copies of your Aflac invoice
  4. Print commonly used forms
  5. View and update account and employee information

What’s so great about online billing?

Business Services offers several key features designed to make managing your account simple and easy. Access and manage your invoices safely in a secure environment.

Key features of Business Services include:
  • Online Deduction Summary–View the payroll deduction amounts of employees with issued policies and a list of employees with insurance applications pending review.
  • Online Billing–The Aflac invoice is available online. There is no need to wait for a paper copy to arrive in the mail. If your company needs a paper invoice for internal processing, a printable version is available online.
  • Online Reconciliation–We’ll email you when your invoice is ready for processing and payment. Online invoice adjustments allows faster processing of changes and more accurate invoices.
  • Online Payment – Paying electronically is convenient, easy and ensures your payment is received on time.

8AM – 8PM (ET)
Monday – Friday