WINGSPAN Business Services

Your clients' can take some of the hassle out of benefits administration with WingspanSM Business Services, a Web service that makes managing their account easy.

With WingspanSM Business Services, they can:
• Access their information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• View and update account and employee information
• Print frequently used forms.
• Take advantage of Online Billing.
• Review, print and save electronic copies of their Aflac invoice.

What’s so great about Online Billing?

They will receive an e-mail notifying them when their invoice is ready–no more waiting for the mail carrier! Instead of hand writing individual changes on paper, your clients simply indicate the changes online. If they choose to pay electronically, changes are processed faster, ensuring the accuracy of their next invoice. For large accounts that prefer an FTP option, we offer WingspanSM Automated Services.

Business Services for Policyholders

Your clients' employees can enjoy around-the-clock policy and claims information too. We know not everyone has time to call Aflac’s Customer Service Center, that’s why WingspanSM Business Services for Policyholders provides convenient, 24/7 access to personalized policy information and other valuable features, such as electronic policy downloads, online claims, and Aflac Always®.