Study Results
Aflac WorkForces Report for Brokers Overview

This year, for the first time, brokers were asked to share their attitudes and opinions about the state of their industry, health care benefits and relationships with customers as part of the annual Aflac WorkForces Report survey. We found that brokers, companies and workers sometimes have very different opinions about benefits-related matters.

Aflac Workforces Report for Brokers: Fact Sheets

When it comes to attitudes about benefits and the future of U.S. brokers, the size of a brokerage makes a distinct difference.

Aflac WorkForces Report for Businesses Overview

The Aflac WorkForces Report for Businesses reveals the effect health care reform is having in the workplace, the widening gap between companies that actively leverage benefits as part of their business strategy and those that do not, and the growing importance of voluntary benefits to workers. As a broker, you can use the report to better understand the needs of your prospective and current accounts and – as a result – drive your business.

Aflac WorkForces Report for Businesses: Fact Sheets

When it comes to benefits, the size of a company’s workforce plays a significant role in shaping its benefits programs. Here’s what you, as a broker, need to know about the differently sized businesses you work with.

Aflac Workforces Report for Businesses: Industry Fact Sheets

We’ve divided the Aflac WorkForces Report for Business results by industry sector to make it easier for brokers to address the needs of the very different companies they serve.

Aflac WorkForces Report for Businesses: Regional Fact Sheets

Key Aflac WorkForces for Businesses study results vary by region and state. Here’s what brokers need to know.