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The 2013 Aflac WorkForces Report, which includes the Aflac WorkForces Report for Brokers and the Aflac WorkForces Report for Businesses, was conducted in partnership with Research Now between Jan. 4 and Jan. 24, 2013. The study captured responses from benefits decision-makers, workers and brokers from throughout the United States.


As a broker, you can use Aflac's webinars to gather key insight into what employers and workers have to say about how the economy, health care reform and seismic changes to the nation’s health care system are affecting their opinions about health care benefits. Use the insight to engage current and prospective accounts in key conversations about their benefits plans.

Benefits Pro

As new health care reform regulations go into effect, workers have more choices than ever before and businesses have many complex strategies to manage. The benefits decisions employers make now will have long-lasting implications — view key insights from the 2013 Aflac WorkForces Report. Watch the Benefits Pro webinar.

Employee Benefit Adviser

We are witnessing the reshaping of the health benefits landscape. Learn what brokers, employers and employees shared in the 2013 Aflac WorkForces Report, Aflac's third annual employee benefits study. View Employee Benefit Adviser webinar.

Fact Sheets by Brokerage Size

The size of a brokerage makes a difference when it comes to attitudes about benefits, relationships with accounts and the relevance of U.S. health insurance brokers.

Fact Sheets by Company Size

The size of a company’s workforce plays a significant role in shaping its benefits programs.

Fact Sheets by Industry

Brokers should use these fact sheets to prepare for conversations with decision-makers in key industries.

Fact Sheets by Geographic Location

Brokers should use these fact sheets to gain insight into the perspectives of leaders at companies in various parts of the nation.
View the data.


Simple Steps to Protect Against Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer was among the most common cancer cause of death among women, but has declined since 1955, because early testing has significantly reduced the risk. Read more about simple ways to protect your health. View the infographic.

Can Americans Afford the Cost of Benefits Mistakes?

A new Aflac study found that workers may be making mistakes during open enrollment that cost them as much as $750, which could represent up to four months of an individual's critical grocery budget. View the infographic.

The ROI of Wellness

Companies that use wellness initiatives are seeing increased return on investment not only through cost-saving, but with more satisfied employees. View the infographic.

Are Americans in Denial?

Workers say they are overly optimistic about their physical health, yet many admit they are unprepared to handle the financial consequences of serious illness or accident. View the infographic.

2012 Pay and Benefits Outlook

While businesses share a more positive outlook on benefits, still one in four employees will pay more for health care coverage in 2012. Insights from the 2012 WorkForces Report show the impact that these important benefits have on employees’ attitudes and perceptions. View the infographic.