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Rich With Promise by Ron Fields, featured in Best's Review, October 2012

Agents are under constant pressure to generate new leads and expand their books of business. One way to accomplish this is to focus on underserved emerging markets. Read the article.

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American Workers Waste Months' Worth of Grocery Costs Due to Poor Benefits Choices

New research reveals that 56 percent of employees estimate they waste up to $750 because of mistakes made with insurance benefits elections, which could represent up to four months of an individual’s critical grocery budget. Read the news release.

Best and Brightest Looking to Pink-Slip Employers

Despite the uncertainty in the country’s current employment situation, many American workers who identify themselves as top performers are thinking about changing jobs. In line with research showing the recent uptick of voluntary quits in the workplace, the 2012 Aflac WorkForces Report revealed nearly half of U.S. workers (49 percent) are at least somewhat likely to look for a job this year. Read the news release.

Americans in Denial About Likelihood of Accidents and Serious Illnesses

Key findings from the 2012 Aflac WorkForces Report reveal many U.S. workers are unprepared to handle financial consequences of unexpected health issues. Read the news release.