Fact Sheet: Inadequate Protection
Workers are Enrolled In

 Major medical insurance  78%  Vision insurance  58%
 Dental insurance  77%  Disability insurance  49%
 Life insurance  63%   Voluntary health insurance  31% 

Workers Don’t Feel Protected by Current Insurance
  • When asked if they feel fully protected by their current insurance coverage, 27% say they somewhat/strongly disagree; 35% say they only somewhat agree.
  • If faced with an unexpected serious illness or injury, 38% would first consider whether their insurance would cover everything.
  • 38% are only somewhat satisfied with their overall benefits package, and 15% are not very/not at all satisfied.
  • 33% of workers say their current benefits package meets their current family needs only somewhat well, another 15% say not very/not at all well. 
Benefits Influence Attracting and Retaining Workers
  • 49% of workers say they are likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months. And, 27% are extremely/very likely to do so.
  • Nearly half (49%) say, “improving my benefits package” is one thing my employer could do to keep me in my current job.
  • 65% say a company’s benefits package is extremely/very influential in attracting and retaining talented employees.
  • 38% consider major medical and health care benefits as an extremely/very important factor in determining loyalty to their employer; 34% significantly factor this into their decision to leave their current employer.
  • 61% are likely to accept a job offer with slightly lower compensation, but better benefits.
  • Nearly half (47%) say adequate insurance benefits play a very strong/strong role in helping employees cope with personal issues. 

The 2012 Aflac WorkForces Report was conducted January 24–February 23, 2012, by Research Now on behalf of Aflac.