Letter from the EVP
Letter from the EVP

I’m proud to announce the release of Aflac’s second annual WorkForces Report. The study reveals groundbreaking insights into the factors influencing benefits, workplace trends and challenges. Conducted independently by Research Now, the study brings to light important developments affecting the overall benefits industry and today’s workforce.

Benefits expectations and values have significantly transformed over the past several years. Today’s workforce is increasingly carrying the burden of shifting benefits costs, yet members of the workforce  hold considerably fewer resources to protect the things that matter most. Businesses also face significant challenges as they seek to understand a changing benefits landscape and to offer a robust benefits package while staying within budget constraints.

Understanding the trends and challenges that face business decision-makers and workforce employees can make all the difference in gaining a competitive edge. Aflac provides the WorkForces Report and its findings to our partners and industry leaders to help build better benefits solutions and to protect one of our greatest assets—a healthy, engaged and productive workforce.

As a broker, you can take advantage of key study findings to enhance your credibility as an industry expert and to offer your clients unique industry insights. You can take advantage of the study’s findings through the executive summary and through targeted business data. Additionally, you can choose to receive broker-specific podcasts, videos, articles and other resources that include key updates and discussions with industry leaders at aflacworkforcesreport.com.

At Aflac, we look forward to providing you with strategic insights to help give you a competitive edge by equipping your clients with information to help them gain a strong industry advantage.


Audrey Boone Tillman
Executive Vice President, Corporate Services