Aflac is Preferred
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  Aflac1 Allstate Colonial MetLife Unum
Likelihood to Recommend 49% 31% 25% 41% 25%
Preferred Voluntary Carrier 29% 8% 5% 8% 1%
Net Promoter Score % Change From 2008 to 2009 35% 13% 15% 17% -14%
Net Promoter Ranking 1 5 9 2 14
What is the net promoter score?

A Net Promoter Score is a way of measuring customers who are most likely to recommend you based on their experiences. It is calculated by taking the Promoters (those who rate you 9 or 10 on a scale of 0–10 for likelihood to recommend) and subtracting the Detractors (those who rate you 0–6 on a scale of 0–10 for likelihood to recommend).

Aflac is now the number one preferred carrier for voluntary insurance among brokers.

The percentage of brokers who prefer Aflac more than doubled in just one year!

Aflac ranked number one for agent relationship satisfaction among brokers.

Brokers listed our agents’ responsiveness, knowledge, and professionalism as key reasons for this number one rating.

Aflac enjoyed a 25 percent increase in familiarity among brokers—the strongest of any carrier—over the past year.

Our strong name and iconic duck mean high brand recognition among brokers and potential new customers too.

Aflac is in the business of paying claims. We maintain one of the strongest loss ratios in the voluntary market year after year.

Aflac pays twice as much in claims as we do in administrative costs.

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