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Accidents happen. When a covered accident happens to your family, our accident insurance policy pays you cash benefits to help with the unexpected medical and everyday expenses that begin to add up almost immediately.


You've done all you can to prevent cancer by making lifestyle changes, but have you done all you can to protect yourself in case it does happen? Because so many cancer patients have counted on us through the years for that protection, we know how important it is for everyone to have cancer/specified-disease insurance coverage.

Critical Care & Recovery

Would cash benefits paid directly to you be useful if you or a covered family member suffer a serious health event such as a heart attack, paralysis, or stroke?


In today's economy, you're looking for more ways to control your expenses, including the cost of your dental care. Not only can Aflac's dental insurance policy help with routine dental care like cleaning, checkups, fillings, cavities and root canals, you may be able to pay your premiums with pre-tax dollars - boosting the power of your paycheck.

Juvenile Life

No one ever wants to imagine that their child's or grandchild's life will be cut short. After all, that would never happen to us - it is always someone else's child. But what if something should happen? Would you be able to afford burial costs and final medical expenses?

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