Aflac Management Team

Our company is made up of a diverse group of people, each person bringing different strengths that have added to the overall success of our organization. With offices in the U.S. and Japan, it is important that we attract and retain top talent.

Aflac and Aflac Incorporated

Aflac Japan

  • Tohru Tonoike
    President and Chief Operating Officer, Aflac Japan
  • Masahiko Furutani
    Deputy President, Aflac Japan
  • Koji Ariyoshi
    Executive Vice President;
    Director of Marketing and Sales,
    Aflac Japan
  • Hiroshi Yamauchi
    Executive Vice President, Planning and Research Division, Human Resources and General Affairs Division, IT Division, Aflac Japan
  • Jun Isonaka
    First Senior Vice President,
    Aflac Japan
  • Masatoshi Koide
    First Senior Vice President,
    Planning, Research, Risk Management and Compliance Divisions, Aflac Japan
  • Yuji Arai, CFA
    Senior Vice President, Planning and Research Division; Compliance Division, Compliance Officer, Aflac Japan
  • Andrew J. Conrad
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Aflac Japan; Senior Vice President and Counsel; Director of Governmental and Legal Affairs, Aflac International Incorporated
  • Tomohito Hasumoto
    Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Aflac Japan
  • Osamu Ishii
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources and General Affairs Division; Executive Assistant Office, Aflac Japan
  • Joseph F. Meyer
    Senior Vice President; Global Chief Operating Officer, Global Investments
  • Yoshifumi Murayama
    Senior Vice President,
    Sales and Marketing Division, Aflac Japan
  • Yukihiro Sugiyama
    Senior Vice President,
    Financial Institutions and Financial Institutions Support, Aflac Japan
  • Tomoya Utsude, M.D.
    Senior Vice President; Chief Administrative Officer, Aflac Japan
  • Kazuhiro Yamazaki
    Senior Vice President, Financial Accounting, Actuarial and Investment Risk Management Division, Aflac Japan

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Monday – Friday