Aflac Management Team
Aflac Management Team
Aflac Japan Management Team
  • Tohru Tonoike
    President and Chief Operating Officer, Aflac Japan
  • Charles D. Lake II
    Chairman, Aflac Japan
  • Masahiko Furutani
    Deputy President, Aflac Japan
  • Koji Ariyoshi
    Executive Vice President;
    Director of Marketing and Sales,
    Aflac Japan
  • Hiroshi Yamauchi
    Executive Vice President, Planning and Research Division, Human Resources and General Affairs Division, IT Division, Aflac Japan
  • Jun Isonaka
    First Senior Vice President,
    Aflac Japan
  • Masatoshi Koide
    First Senior Vice President,
    Planning, Research, Risk Management and Compliance Divisions, Aflac Japan
  • Yuji Arai, CFA
    Senior Vice President, Planning and Research Division; Compliance Division, Compliance Officer, Aflac Japan
  • Andrew J. Conrad
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Aflac Japan; Senior Vice President and Counsel; Director of Governmental and Legal Affairs, Aflac International Incorporated
  • Tomohito Hasumoto
    Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Aflac Japan
  • Osamu Ishii
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources and General Affairs Division; Executive Assistant Office, Aflac Japan
  • Joseph F. Meyer
    Senior Vice President; Global Chief Operating Officer, Investments
  • Yoshifumi Murayama
    Senior Vice President,
    Sales and Marketing Division, Aflac Japan
  • Yukihiro Sugiyama
    Senior Vice President,
    Financial Institutions and Financial Institutions Support, Aflac Japan
  • Tomoya Utsude
    Senior Vice President; Chief Administrative Officer, Aflac Japan
  • Koichi Wakasugi
    Senior Vice President,
    Sales and Marketing Division
  • Kazuhiro Yamazaki
    Senior Vice President, Financial Accounting, Actuarial and Investment Risk Management Division, Aflac Japan

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